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Adults in New Jersey who have a mental health condition.


In February 2021, 42.2% of adults in New Jersey reported symptoms of anxiety or depression.


Adults in New Jersey who did not receive needed mental health care. Of those adults, 28.5% did not receive it because of cost.



You have the power to change how decision makers support people with mental health conditions. Your personal story is always right — and it can change the hearts and minds of policymakers.

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Every person experiencing a mental health crisis deserves a mental health response.


Send an email, share a story, or post on social media to urge your elected officials to support mental health.

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From health care to the economy to criminal justice and more, mental health touches many of the issues that you might care about the most. Whenever you cast your ballot, you #Vote4MentalHealth, whether you realize it or not.

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Many important mental health policy decisions happen at the state level. But policymakers want to know how mental illness impacts their constituents. Download important New Jersey's state-specific mental health statistics to share with decision makers to help inform their policy positions.

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